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A Kiss from Rose|October 8th

The picture you see is beautiful. Everyone will see the beautiful sky, the boat, the people, the water, and the sail. The most important part of the picture is the one you can't see or don't acknowledge it, or its importance. The wind. The wind is most important because it is the main driving force to get the people on the boat to the next location. It assists in moving an object along. The wind is defined as the perceptible natural movement of the air, especially in the form of a current of air blowing from a particular direction (per Oxford Language). I want your mind to be open to thinking about the next few things I am going to say. You will be able to look this up as well if you take the time to do so. In Luke 24 when Jesus was traveling to Emmaus (after His resurrection), he came across Cleopas and a friend. As you will read in this story it is another powerful on and one that you will be able to recognize that we all often do in our daily living with others. These two had the privilege of hearing scriptures interpreted from the mouth of Jesus, yet they didn't realize it was Him until He "took the bread and blessed and broke it and gave it to them,” and then Jesus disappeared. Can you imagine being in that position? I am sure everyone as they read this will say, "I would have known Jesus if He spoke to me", "My soul can discern when the Master is in the midst". We all may come together in judgment on how we would have known, or how could they not have known. This can go on for days, even years.

With the gist of the story, let's look at us for a minute. In a different situation. We are all surrounded in one way or another by people who are inspiring us, motivating us, encouraging us, and supporting us, yet we don't recognize who they are until they disappear. In most cases, we don't realize they are pushing us along to get to the destination where God is trying to move us into. We don't realize God has put them there for the fulfillment of His purpose. We have yet to understand that God is giving us direct information through this person. Sure God can directly talk to us, nevertheless, we know He uses things as well to speak to us; for example, angelic visitations, signs, the written word, the living word, and through people are some.

So my question today is how many people have God sent your way have you not seen the importance/significance in their presence? How many times have you prayed and the answer was given through someone else and you were not obedient? How many times have God sat in your face and you didn't know who He was? How many times have you gotten to your destination, but you didn't give Him the glory?

Who are the wind people God has put in your lives?



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Unknown member
Oct 08, 2020

Very powerful message today, knowing the wind!


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