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A Kiss from Rose|October 16th

Can you afford not to vote? Casting your vote and casting your cares on God is almost the same thing. Let me explain. When you cast your cares to God, you are petitioning for your voice and prayers to be heard while giving your troubles to Him. When you cast your vote you are saying hey, these are the people that have my best interest at heart and I want the record to reflect in my vote for them. Open and effective communications are key to both. We all know that God will always do the right things in our lives according to His will and purpose. We can not assume as much with voting in elections. We can not assume people know what we want. They are not mind-readers. They do not live in your zip codes, they do not have the same struggles as you do. They do not know how hard it is to get services through the government for a special needs child. Their child is not over 1000 on a waiting list to receive services, that are already running out of funding. They are not waiting 2 years to be approved for medicare after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure and are paying out of pocket for medications that are essential for survival. Their children are not receiving free or reduced lunch at school. They are not aware of how hard it is to reach out to government services to take care of essential business matters. They are disconnected in many ways and it is your voice, your vote that will ensure that you are heard. Your voice to reconnect them with what is going on, on your street, your neighborhood, in your home. If you are constantly casting your cares with God, shouldn't you be casting your vote in every election?

When I didn't cast my cares with God, my life was in turmoil. I was constantly in a storm. My life seemed full of drama and raging out of control. But when I started casting my cares with God, praying and calling on the name of Jesus; He calmed the raging storm. I had peace, more importantly, I had a true relationship with the "Man upstairs".

Cast your vote so that you can have peace in your community and the necessary things to make it run effectively and efficiently.




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