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A Kiss from Rose | November 5th

Are you reaching for lasting love? Truth be told, we all are. No one on earth is saying they are looking for hate, that they can't wait for hate to finally arrive. No one is saying it feels good to be hated. So, when will be truly transparent with one another? When will we start giving out the very thing that we are looking for? Wouldn't it be so much easier? How can we pray for love and yet not give it? Is it OK only for you to have? Looking for lasting love is not easy if you are looking for it in the world. I am not saying you can not put your hands on it, I am simply saying it is not easy. Do you remember the times you thought this was it and it wasn't? Not trying to open old wounds or anything? I am just asking? How many times you had to start from scratch, and still missed it? What about the things that brought due to failed attempts? It may have had you second-guessing yourself or if it would ever be in your reach or attainable at all. Well, one thing for sure, there is one way that is guaranteed for lasting and unconditional love and that is through Jesus. Jesus is love! I know you should try His type of love. It definitely will never leave you, have you crying painful tears, or make you feel less than. So what should love feel like? What are you looking for on earth? Do you have it? Are you even close? Do you remember the love song from back in the day?

I want a love that feels like a warm blanket on a cold day

I want a love that feels like butterflies in my tummy

I want a love that feels like endless bliss

I want a love that feels euphoric

I want a love that has endless laughter

I want a love that is alive and joyful

I want a love that is patient, kind, and effectively commutative

I want a love that is customized for me

I want the type of love that is dedicated to me

I want a love that is on a two-way street

I want a love that is on a solid foundation

I want an equally yoked type of love

I want a love that is God based, filled, and anointed

I want an unshakable love

I want pure love

I want unyielding love

I want a lasting love

I want a never-ending type of love...

Are these some of the things you are thinking? Give feedback.


*I do not own the right to this music*

* 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 talk about love and in the book Song of Songs there are of love poems*

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