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A Kiss from Rose| No One Thinks It Applies Until You Ask the Question

Most people have entered their yearly fasting routines. Fasting is a perfect time as you self-reflect to ask yourself some questions. Most people will think these questions have nothing to do with them. Let's beg to differ for one moment. If you have any childhood trauma, especially if you are still bringing it up, holding on to it, or have not forgiven someone for it, you should ask yourself these questions. If you are constantly living in the past about what happened five or ten years ago, you should also ask yourself these questions. If you get frustrated with your living situations or the people around you, ask yourself these questions.

Asking yourself these questions brings about awareness so you can forgive, move on and leave it there. Who wants to complete a fast and still feel the weight you carried when you came into it?

Are you toxic because you are carrying unhealthy situations with you every day?

Why are you holding on to toxic or dramatic events in your mind? Let it go!

How has holding on to toxic energy, behaviors, or situations helped you in life?

Have you taken the time to focus on healing rather than replaying drama?

Have you taken the time to realize that when you heal, your family will begin to heal, also? Changing your narrative can be beneficial to everyone.

If you are inconsistent with change, why are your expectations so high for others regarding their changed behaviors? Allow others the same grace you desire.

When you are in the process of growing out of toxic or dramatic environments, do not allow anyone to pull you back. It is called respect. If someone can not respect you, why are you there?


" Talking to God is key. Fasting and revelations go hand and hand." - Alston Shropshire

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