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A Kiss from Rose | New and Fresh

Something new and fresh is on its way to you. You may be feeling stagnated, numb, or loss even. But God has a profound blessing coming your way. The blessing that is on the way will recharge your spirit. It will give you hope to continue forward.

Just because we do not know God's plans, you should know His plans are meant for your good.

God wants you to grow, thrive, survive, to be happy and joyous. He wants His anointing and blood to cover you. God wants to gift you with an abundance of favor. He wants you to bask in an overflow of a fruitful harvest.

God does not want you to feel lost because, through Him, you are found. He does not want you to experience numbness. He wants you to feel the love He has for you. God does not want you to be stagnated. He wants you to move forward and elevate.

Stick with and trust God! He will not fail.

There is a blessing on the way! Something new and something fresh. Get excited about what God has in store for you.

Do you want something fresh and new from God? Do you believe something profound and favorable is on the way to you from God? Do you have any faith it will come to pass?


" I am trusting God for you and I." - Alston Shropshire

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