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A Kiss from Rose | My Father’s Attributes List

In today's Grandma’s Corner, I want to revisit the essence of why I started this, inspired by my grandmothers, Rosa Alston Frasier, who raised me, and Mattie Shropshire Williamson. For those who've been with us from the start and our new subscribers, welcome. I want to share the foundational values of Grandma’s Corner and its significance.

Today, let's have a personal conversation with our Father, expressing who He is to each of us:

Father, I thank You for being my everything, my all and all.

You are my Sovereign, everlasting, comforting, shielding, protective, merciful, anointing, and forgiving Father.

You are my armor of protection, saving grace, Alpha and Omega, beginning and end, Father of restoration, and delivering Father.

You are my sanctifying, healing, way over, way through, step-ordering, mind-regulating, and Lilly in the Valley Father.

You are my bridge over troubled waters, providing, soul-saving, prospering, Father who goes before me, behind me, and surrounds me.

You are the one who fights my battles, door opener, bloodline, debt-canceling, honorer of my prayer, favoring, benefactor, and preparer of tables in the presence of my enemy Father.

You are my life-extending, dominion power granting, authority-giving, loving, redeeming, and living water Father.

You are my Father who dwells in me.

You are my source of wisdom, guidance, and strength. You are the foundation of my faith and the reason for my hope. You are the light in my darkest moments and the joy in my celebrations. You are the orchestrator of my life, weaving together every moment for my good and Your glory.

In Jesus’ name, Amen!


"I am a powerful child of God." - Alston Shopshire



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