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A Kiss from Rose| More Questions

Today's message will hopefully have you thinking and asking yourself do you think of others, or is it all about you? The message will hopefully have you thinking to yourself, are you considering the thoughts of others?

How often are you making plans for others without asking if this is something they are mentally prepared to participate?

How often are you pushing agenda's onto the next person for your benefit?

How often has someone set goals for themselves that did not align with what you want to do and have them change their mind about something they took time to put in place?

How often are you the person that is going along to get along? Are you tired of being put in that position?

How often is your voiced opinion considered?

Who can you see leaving out of your life and your life becoming more peaceful?

If you stood up for yourself, are you often looked and as being difficult? Are those around upset and often walk away or shut down for a few days?

The questions to ask yourself are, what do you want for yourself, and what does God want for you? Are you surrounded by people who genuinely support your thoughts, dreams, and visions?

Are you the only person feeding the room? Are those around you attempting to fool you with the crumbs they are placing on the table as a meal? Are you being guilted into doing things?

As fasting season is here, your mind should be clear, and you should be able to see more clearing to answer these questions.


"Asking yourself those tough questions are necessary." - Alston Shropshire

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