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A Kiss from Rose | Meaningful Conversations

Meaningful conversations with friends should include how to pray effectively. Truthfully most of the time, being on the phone or over lunch or dinner, conversations will consist of your dreams, ambitions, obstacles, or a mini vent session. Why not have conversations with people willing to overview your prayer practices or what wording they are using that is helping them?

How to pray effectively in conversations with people usually allows you to be attune with them. You tend to be more empathetic and compassionate. I mean, God is in the midst; you have also requested Him into the conversation. These conversations should not be considered a competition; everyone is looking for something from God and should have the others person's best interest at hand. A conversation about praying effectively should come with an understanding that all prayers will be answered in God's time! This understanding means everyone's prayer could be answered simultaneously or far apart. There is no need for the green-eyed monster (in my mother's voice) if you are still waiting. Take this time to be happy for the other person or persons. Continue communicating with God and praying together. Remember where two or more are gathered.

I have a friend with whom I have these types of conversations, and when I tell you, it is powerful! Not only are the conversations powerful, but the friendship is peaceful. As we see each other grow with God and our prayers are answered, we congratulate one another and always praise God. Nevertheless, we are also supportive when one person's prayers have not arrived yet (our time, not God's time). We are still encouraging when we are both waiting on our deliveries.

Do you see the positive outcomes when the goal is praying effectively, talking to God, and giving Him praise?

The people you are communicating with should also be able to pray with you. They should want the best for you and be willing to help you get there.

Ensure your conversations have meaning and purpose.


"I am thankful God has placed true friends in my life that not only pray for me but help me attain the goals and dreams I have for myself. May God bless them abundantly."

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