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A Kiss from Rose| May 7th

We all want unity, at least I hope so. We all are about the greater cause. We are all for the people. We are all walking in love, well, at least that is what we say, for the most part. Jesus walked with twelve disciples, yet at some point, some denied Him. Some lost faith in Him or turned their backs on Him. Yet, He continued to walk in love, unity, and for the greater cause. Is this fair? Some may say no. Some may say when the going got tough, "they got to going."

Today, we are not here to judge any of the disciples, their unity, or their dedication to Jesus. We are here to look at our call to "unity," "dedication," "loyalty," and "service," not only to Jesus but to our fellow man or woman.

Are we dedicated, unified, loyal, and servicing Jesus in the following ways?

Communication with Him

Reading the Word Consistently

Praying Regularly

Spreading the Gospel

Walking in Love

Loving Our Neighbor

Helping the Poor

Supporting Widows

Taking Care of the Children of the Land

Casting your Cares onto Him

Trusting Him

Believing in Him

Being Obedient

Are we dedicated, unified, loyal, and servicing humankind in the following ways?

Being Fair

Walking in Love

Praying for Them

Supporting Them

Being a Helpmate

Being Patient

Being Kind

Being Non-Judgmental

Educating Them

Leading by Example

Helping Them

Being a Listening Ear without a Gossiping Tongue

Being Genuine Towards Them

Not being a Jonadab

Walking with Them On the Right Path

When we look at these things for humankind, does it matter who the person is, their background, financial status, title, or whom they roll with, whether or not you will walk in "unity"? When it comes to Jesus, does it matter if you feel like talking to Him if you are going to communicate or pray? Do you have to be going through some trials to make the call to Him? Are you walking in "unity" with Jesus no matter the situation?


"It is easy to talk about anything, but what are you doing? Talking about unity, servicing, dedication, and loyalty means nothing if you are not living it behind closed doors. Anyone can pump up the fist when the cameras are rolling. Long before I had a platform, I have been servicing, dedicated, loyal, and servicing others. That's my consistent character." - Alston Shropshire

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