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A Kiss from Rose| March 30th

Thank God for the valley! Most people don't want to thank God for their low places. If it weren't for your low places, some would never look up to the hills; for where comes the help. Valleys allow you to appreciate the mountain top. I pose this question for you today because when you are standing on the mountain, have you forgotten your low points?

Here are some key things to remember today:

Look to God for help

Don't forget where you came from

Don't forget where you are going

Appreciate the place where you are ( the mountain/valley, Why? Because God placed you there for a reason)


Celebrating Woman /Facts


When you have some good girlfriends, you can soar in a peaceful place. Girlfriends tend to know more than parents, siblings, and spouses in most cases. A good girlfriend is a place of comfort, your go-to, a vacation within a vacation, and a voice of reason in most cases. A prayer partner, a shoulder to cry on, most people forget how important their true blue girlfriend is. Sometimes we forget to get her that special gift to show her how much we love and appreciate her. You can call on her at the last minute, and she will smooth things out for you. She is the person that is always there and rarely says no. Today let's celebrate our girlfriends!

" I am very raw and transparent with my girlfriends. Always have always will be." - Alston Shropshire


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Unknown member
30. März 2021

I thank God for my lows because it gives me more appreciation for my better future. Also, a God sent girlfriend has your back both spiritually and naturally!!!

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Unknown member
31. März 2021
Antwort an

Thank you...i got you as well

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