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A Kiss from Rose| March 27th

Most people love the wedding ceremony. Most people love the planning of the wedding. Everyone enjoys the bliss of the engagement announcement. Everyone also wants the "for better" of the vows. What about when the seams are coming apart during the planning, the actual wedding, and the ceremony itself. How about when the announcement isn't received well by everyone? How about the "for worst" of the vows? I do, it seems like two very smalls words, but the terms hold so much weight. Not the weight between the guests who attended the wedding ( most of whom are not happy for the couple probably). Not the weight between the family members or the officiant. It only holds weight between God and the couples that are marrying. My question for today is, who are you carrying the weight for, God? Your family? Your girlfriends? Your homeboys? Your pastor? Who? Yes, we all love the people in our lives. However, we are supposed to love the person we are marrying more. So, the "I do, of the worst of the vows, means I'll never leave your side. The " I do" means I will cleave to my spouse.

Are you trusting God to get you through, or are your fickle emotions going to carry you for a lifetime? I can tell you now; erratic emotions will leave you with regret, heartache, and pain in most cases.

Marriage is not for the faint. No matter if your marriage has lasted over twenty-five years or you are just entering your second anniversary, the reply will be the same, no it's not.

So today, we will ask that God lead these marriages to a place of greatness. We know that God honors marriage and will undoubtedly be in the midst.

Lord, we ask You to cover each marriage across this land. Be the third strand to hold them together when the devil wants it to fall apart. We know that You are mighty and majestic in cover what You honor. Allow peace to dwell within the households. Allow no man or woman to come in between what You have joined together. Allow all of the couples to fall in love again with each other and destroy the wedge between them. In Jesus' name, we pray, Amen.


Celebrating Women/ Facts

The Wife

The wife is the matriarch of the family. She is the helpmate to the husband. She is constantly praying to the "glue" that holds all of the pieces together in the family (God). Constantly on her knees in prayer with tears in her eyes, often not ever seen by others, she has weathered many storms before taking in her new role. As she puts on her new armor, her wedding dress, she is ready to be in love and war. Why war? Because she just made the devil mad by doing what God honors. As she stands behind he husband, she must stand and watch him fight battles she can't help him with. As she holds her children's hands while they are young, she knows that she will have to let their hands go one day. A wife dies a thousand deaths and is reborn out of the ashes; in the armor she put on the day, she said, "I do."

On this day, I salute all of the wives who wear the title well. To the most selfless person... THE WIFE.


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