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A Kiss from Rose| March 24th

Are you tired of hearing the word of God? Are you tired of the preacher preaching? Are you tired of people attempting to encourage you? Are you tired of motivational messages? Well, let me ask you one more thing. What do you want to receive? Do you wish to receive negativity? How about drama and deceit? Do you want to be in the presence of those people that don't care? Do you want God to stop answering your prayers? Do you want God to be late or absent?

Being tired or overwhelmed by positivity, motivational, inspiring messages, church, the preacher, and encouraging people could mean YOU are a bit toxic. Maybe you need the drama in your life? How does it sound to pray for drama, negativity, and haters? Crazy right? When you see positivity and are tired of IT, that's must be the result you want, one would think anyway.

I would rather be covered in the love of God, all around me, motivating me, making me think/ use better judgment, or having people that encourage me to do better than a boatload of drama and storms.

So the big questions are, is God welcomed in your life? What about His messages? Are you getting tired of seeing both?


Celebrating Women/ Facts

Joy Har­jo

Joy Har­jo, the 23rd Poet Lau­re­ate of the Unit­ed States, is a mem­ber of the Mvskoke Nation and belongs to Oce Vpofv (Hick­o­ry Ground). She is only the sec­ond poet to be appoint­ed a third term as U.S. Poet Laureate.

Harjo’s awards for poet­ry include the Ruth Lily Prize for Life­time Achieve­ment from the Poet­ry Foun­da­tion, the Acad­e­my of Amer­i­can Poets Wal­lace Stevens Award, the New Mex­i­co Governor’s Award for Excel­lence in the Arts, a PENUSA Lit­er­ary Award, Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund Writ­ers’ Award, the Poets & Writ­ers Jack­son Poet­ry Prize, a Ras­mu­son US Artist Fel­low­ship, two NEA fel­low­ships, and a Guggen­heim Fellowship.


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