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A Kiss from Rose | Love Is Radiating

Love is radiating from you! Everywhere you walk, you exemplify love.

People are in awe of the love you give and receive. Jesus is proud that you walk in love, and God is pleased. Your love language is fairness, happiness, peace, and joy. You spread the gospel, and your light is continuously shinning.

Every step you take radiates love.

Every word you speak radiates love.

Every action you show radiates love.

Everything that you touch radiates love.

Every room that you are in radiates love.

Every prayer that you pray radiates love.

Spread love today; walk in your radiation.


* Black History Facts

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Sarah Ann and Benjamin Manson were an enslaved couple from Wilson County, Tennessee who had sixteen children. They had a marriage ceremony in 1843, but were not legally married until after the American Civil War. They were married on April 19, 1866, and received a marriage certificate from the Freedmen's Bureau. Two of their sons served during the war with the United States Colored Troops. After the war, Benjamin Manson was a farmer and minister for the African Methodist Episcopal Church. His first wife died by 1899, and he married two more times in his life.

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