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A Kiss from Rose | Lord Give Me The Strength

Lord, I thank You in advance as I know You will honor my petition on this day.

Lord, give me the strength to make it through this day. Lord, hold my hand and walk me through every situation with a loving spirit. Allow me to walk and speak with the authority of the King of kings to whom I belong and to which I was granted.

Lord, give me the strength to speak to the legions who come against me with almighty power.

Allow the words that come out of my mouth to be harmless to the people I encounter today that You send to help me. Lord, give me the strength to walk in and stand firm in rooms where I am not wanted or desired. Grant me elevating favor in those rooms. Calm the unwelcoming spirits. Do not let them consume me. Shift the atmosphere in my favor. Lord, give me the strength to walk out more favorably than I walked in.

Lord, give me the strength to fight and always win in this world of wickedness. Lord, give me the strength to watch them mock the good I am trying to do and turn the other cheek. Lord, give me the strength to turn a deaf ear to the whispers to my right, left, front, and behind my back. Lord, give me strength to keep my eyes on You. In Jesus' mighty name, amen.


"There is not one little person that did not have a dream. No matter what, follow it!"- Alston Shropshire

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