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A Kiss from Rose | Limited Access

If God gave us limited access to Him, where would any of us be? If we had limited access to Christ? Say you had to wait in line behind people all around the world? Say you could not get access to Him at noon or in the midnight hour? What would happen if you sat next to your loved one's bedside and called on His name and were told, "access denied?" What about the thought that what He provided for you had a limit? My question today is, where would you be with limited access? Sometimes we abuse the access we have.

Have you ever said, " Oh, Lord Jesus Christ, look at this man standing at the bus stop?" What about some other silly little comment that Jesus doesn't need to be called on at all? In most cases, we do not prioritize the importance of calling on His name. Say there was a limit to you calling His name? Would you be out of luck because you wasted it all on meaningless things? How about calling His name while using cuss words? Are you wasting your access?

How about the people around you? Say you had limited access, how would you pan out. Say you couldn't call your mom, dad, aunt, uncle, your go-to person, sister, brother, or best friend as much as you do because there is a limit? How would you pan out? Let's think about the access we have with God, Jesus, and the good people we have around us and appreciate it. Let's not be wasteful. Let's call on them with purpose and thank them for the access.

We don't want to hear, " access denied!"


"I thank God I have unlimited access to Him and His Son."- Alston Shropshire


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10 janv. 2022

Amen, so powerful!

Membre inconnu
20 janv. 2022
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