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A Kiss from Rose | Keep It Moving

It is the holiday season, and time with family is precious. It would be best if you enjoyed the moment. You are creating memories and celebrating old and new traditions.

When you see discord, keep it moving—moving on into a positive atmosphere.

If the situation has nothing to do with you, mind your business and keep it moving.

When a conversation is going left, keep it moving. Change the subject, talk about something else.

Let's make this holiday season a joyous one. Spreading love and positivity is what it's all about.

Bring the most love you can into the atmosphere. Love on one another, laugh, hug, smile, and take pictures.

Life is short. Happy holidays! Enjoy your family! Keep it moving into positive vibes, great energy, and blissful happiness.


" Everyone has something they are carrying. Let's not bring it to the dinner table." - Alston Shropshire



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