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A Kiss from Rose | Just A Reminder About God’s Love

Embarking on life's journey, I've witnessed God's hand graciously guiding me to higher realms, enabling me to thrive and blossom in every facet.

In the canvas of a person's personal life, Psalm 37:4 resonates deeply, reminding us that delighting in the Lord leads to the desires of our hearts. This divine alignment has allowed my personal journey as well as others to flourish, bringing forth fulfillment and joy in unexpected ways.

Within the sacred covenant of marriage, Ephesians 5:31-32 illuminates the profound unity, likening it to Christ's relationship with the church. This divine union elevates marriage, instilling a sense of purpose and growth that goes beyond human comprehension.

Proverbs 27:17 sheds light on the beauty of friendship, emphasizing its role in iron sharpening iron. Guided by this wisdom, God's influence has strengthened the bonds of friendship, fostering mutual growth and resilience. I am thankful that God has His hands on my friendships. He has me surrounded with customized friends and it's a blessing.

Turning the pages of ones career, Proverbs 16:9 is a guiding light, highlighting the importance of committing plans to the Lord. This divine partnership in ones professional journey will turn challenges into stepping stones, allowing a person to thrive and achieve beyond expectations.

In conclusion, the narrative of God taking us higher and allowing us to thrive unfolds in the tapestry of personal life, marriage, friendship, and career.

As we align our paths with divine guidance, the scriptures serve as both a compass and a source of inspiration, leading us to heights where we not only survive but truly bloom in the richness of God's grace.


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