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A Kiss from Rose | Junk

What type of junk are you carrying around? Didn't notice you had any junk? Are you the person that only sees the junk in everyone else's trunk? It always seems easier to focus on someone else's junk than to look in the mirror. Focusing on something is easy; accepting the reality is the tricky part. When we tend to look at the flaws in others, we do it so critically, in most cases with the absence of compassion, respect, or a loving intent. We often forget being in those same shoes and feeling embarrassed, hurt, ridiculed, and attacked.

Well, let's take a look at places where we tend to carry the most junk. Let's examine ourselves today and these particular places.

Mind- What are you constantly thinking of others, your friends, family, or those that have wronged you. Are you frequently in your head thinking negatively about people? Can you ever see the good in others?

Soul- Is your spirit moving negatively? Are you wavering emotionally and spiritually? Where do your conscious lie? Can you mistreat others and not think twice about it? Are you ok with what you do to others and sleep well at night? Is your soul at rest with your character or morals?

Heart- Is your heart closed off? Are you guarded? Is your heart cold? Do you feel anything for others? Do you have compassion, empathy, and love for others? Are you holding on to a 30-year-old grudge? What about a month old one? Do you lack forgiveness?

What's in your trunk? We all have something we are trying to figure out, hoping no one notices or seriously struggling with daily. When we look at our own trunk, we may tend to have a little more compassion for others and what they are carrying.

Let's deal with our own junk in the trunk. Let's get better TOGETHER! Let's walk in love.


"Everyone is so perfect (so they think), that doesn't line up with the word of God. Only God is perfect! We all miss the mark everyday." - Alston Shropshire


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