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A Kiss from Rose| June 13th

Updated: Jun 14, 2020

Weddings and marriages are two different things. When we speak about weddings, we can talk about the excitement, the colors, the money spent, and how grand or lack thereof the event was. Weddings come with their highs and lows as well. Family and friends may be the highlight or low light of the entire showcase. Nevertheless, it is supposed to be a grand celebration where everyone comes to support ( there will be some that are not so happy, we will save that for grandma's extra dose), to share in the love and respect for the couple. One big party one might say. Marriage on the other hand is different. Marriage is not short of its highs and lows, the only difference is there is no on goers in the marriage (shouldn't be anyway), just you and your better half to share in the responsibility of either of the two ( the high or the lows). It's not a party of sorts to when at the scheduled contract time the party is over. This is true "until death due you part". This is one where there is an endless amount of work, communication, love, loyalty, effect, and respect much be applied. This must be done daily. The one thing often forgotten about in the marriage that should have transferred over is God. You must have the third strand in the marriage portion and not just the "Alpha" on the guest list at the wedding ceremony. The lows will require His presence. The highs are because of His presence. Anyone can have a wedding, but a marriage is not for the faint.

Pray and ask God to cover your marriage daily. Surround yourself with people who want to be married, so when those lows come and you are praying, they can pray with and for you.



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