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A Kiss from Rose| January 26th

It is a true blessing to be able to get up in age. There is so much wisdom that comes along with growing older. Respect, love, and honor should be among them, not only from strangers but family. However, this is not always the case. As you know, I am a realist and love to make people think of how they can treat others better and better themselves. Suppose your grandparents are still alive, or your parents are still alive. In that case, we need to get somethings together within the families. Disrespect. Lack of appreciation. Lack of compassion. Lack of empathy. We focus on ourselves and how we are treated, and we never realize how we are treating the people that are the reason for our very existence, the grandparents. Remember, you will soon take on those titles and will be wearing those shoes.

Are you worried about how they treated your mother/father? That is not your cross to carry. I am almost sure you do not have the full story. A story of brokenness or incapability. Has anyone taken the time out to talk to their grandmother/ grandfather to ask questions? Are you open to hearing the stories that may be parallel to your very own? Hurt, pain, abused, or abandoned? Imagine all of the stories your parents don't know about you, that he/ she doesn't know about his/her parents, and so on and so forth. Crosses we are carrying without the details of the story. Yet, we are upset, mistreating them, and disrespecting them, having zero attachment other than the blood running through their veins.

Let's get it together and love our elders. Let's respect them. Let's get entuned with them. If we have the opportunity before the casket shuts, let's have some conversations. Remember, the cracks in the foundation start at the beginning.

Once the conversations are had, let's move forward in our understanding and build better relationships.


"My father passed away with so many answers to questions I never asked. Sure I got some from my mother, but that is only part of the story. All of my grandparents are deceased, so their stories I will never have first hand. I wished I had the opportunity to ask the questions I had as a little girl. Make things right, so you can have peace." - Alston Shropshire


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