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A Kiss from Rose | It Was Not Easy

Everybody's storm wasn't easy. What may appear easy for you may not be easy for the next person. What you may have you crying, the next person may not. Everyone has a testimony. Everyone has claimed victory at some point in their life.

I want to point out some victorious people, so you can reflect on all they went through to get there.

Joseph went to the palace. However, the road took work.

Joshua led the children of Israel back to the Jordan River. This task was not easy.

David won the fight. The mountain in front of him was not easy to face.

Ruth got her Boaz. The road was not easy.

Jesus used Peter. However, Peter's road was challenging too.

Paul became a great apostle, and his road was not easy, nor was his past.

Let's look at Job, Daniel, Samson, and Moses, they did extraordinary things. Yet, all of their roads were challenging.

Jesus rose. The road Jesus traveled was the most difficult.

Never disregard the accomplishments or the road someone has traveled. You do not know what someone overcame to get to their victory.

Also, never assume someone is complaining when telling their story; they may be giving you the background on why this victory is so meaningful.


"The accomplishment may be great, but the road was not easy."- Alston Shropshire

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