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A Kiss from Rose| It Is Not that Important to Me

It is easy for people to disregard others, time, places, and things as not important. In today's society, the only thing we value as important is ourselves and the things immediately close to us. We soon forget the feeling of not feeling loved, important, noticed, being left out, or appreciated.

We are in a society where it is easy to dish it, but we can't take it. Disregarding other's ideas, feelings, opinions are, in most cases are hurtful. Can you remember the last time someone hurt your feelings? Can you remember the last time you made someone feel unimportant? Can you remember the last time you said that is just not important to me? When you said this, what if the shoe were on the other foot? How would you feel then? It is easy to say when you are not in that position.

Some may think it is no big deal. Well, let's change some things around and see if you get it like this. What if your prayers/petitions to God were not important to Him? What if you needed Him to answer you with favor, grace, and divine covering, and He never showed up? What if He felt as if you were not important? What if He didn't invite you to the favored room? What if God said ordering your steps wasn't important to Him? How about if God walked past you and didn't speak or acknowledge your presence? Let's say God dismissed your tears as being overly dramatic and irrelevant? How would that make you feel? Let's say you were in a crisis, and God said, " Oh, that's nothing; let me tell you about when I had to carry the cross for your sins." Would you feel like He is minimizing your crisis to make it all about Him? This statement is not to compare crises because nothing can compare to carrying a cross for others.

Be mindful of what is and is not important to you because we all want to be important to others. We shouldn't want to dismiss others, be hurtful, rude, or hypocritical.

Father, we thank You for making us an important priority. Thank You for always being available, concerned, protective, and present. We love and adore You for making us the apple of Your eye. In Jesus' name, Amen.


"Even though some may sleep well at night with the things they do, it doesn't mean God is pleased with our behaviors." - Alston Shropshire


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