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A Kiss from Rose| It Didn't Come from You

Did you ever stop to think, this type of covering or protection prayer is not what I prayed for; this is something from my ancestors. I often wonder what did they pray for over their bloodline. I wish I could hear them pray for me and the generations after me. I am so thankful someone took the time to pray for me. I know my parents, grandparents, and even great grandparents did. I watched them. I listened to them pray for me and the bloodline. Are you carrying on these essentials prayers for those coming behind you that may not know how to pray or won't take the time to do so? Well, why not start today?

Father, of all, we come to You today to praise Your name. We thank You for honoring the favored prayers of our ancestors over their bloodline. As we bow our heads in Your presence, we ask for the covering and protection of our bloodline. Father, keep those with our DNA running through their veins in the safety of Your arms. Allow them to praise Your name. Please give them the strength to endure life. Father, make their path clear. Father, grant them the favored intellectual, spiritual, and common sense they will need during their journey. Surround them with the genuine people who mean them good. Hide them when they need to be hidden and show them favorably when they need to be. Cover and multiply their finances. Anything not of You will not come near them or where they dwell. Father, grant anything that they speak, and touch will have favor. Father, show Your face through them. Fill them with the Holy Ghost. Surround them with Your light. May perfect healing health be upon them. Open the doors of a fruitful harvest all of their lives. As I stand in the gap, Father, I plea the scriptures Psalm 91, 23, and 57 over the lives of my bloodline. In Jesus's name, Amen.

Where would you be had not someone pray for you?


" Father, cover the person taking the time to send out these messages and prayer." - Alston Shropshire



Unknown member
Jul 02, 2021

Thank you and Amen


Unknown member
Jul 01, 2021



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