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A Kiss from Rose | Isn't Funny How

Isn't it funny how people tend to feel like only their sins are covered, and yours can't be? People have a funny way of being the exception to the rule. Especially when it comes to forgiveness by God and what God is in the middle of or involved.

People tend to say that God doesn't get involved with this or that. People say how God isn't in the midst of one thing or another. Sure, the devil is the author of confusion and discord. The devil tempts you to sin. The devil is enjoying your storm. However, how can you come out of anything if God doesn't get involved, in the middle or in the midst? God knew the storms and the sins were coming. That's how He knew where and when to be there for you.

In order for you to come out, God must come in. Only God can turn things around in your life. No one is living a perfect life without God bringing you to it. No one got a successful marriage without God being in the midst. No one got the perfect career without God blessing you with it. At some point in all of these things, you prayed for it. Why? Because you were not where you wanted to be, you struggled, and the devil was having a field day. God had to step in a mess in order to bring you out. Isn't it funny how people tend to forget that part when the sun is shining on their beach?

When you started drinking, He knew it would get worse. He was or is with you. He brought you out or will bring you out. God has to get involved.

When your anger takes control, God steps in.

When you commit adultery, He knows. He will never leave your side. He won't leave you. God will get in the middle of that, too, so that you can come out of it.

God still was in the middle when you didn't put your family first. He was moving things around and working it out for your good.

When you continued to get in trouble, He patiently waited for you. He knew you would change, even when no one else did.

When you did nothing right to deserve the love of others, God still loved you.

When your walk didn't line up with what people thought, but God knew the outcome, He was involved the entire time.

Isn't it funny how people think you don't deserve things, but they do? They are the only one who deserves love and happiness. They are the only ones God loves. Isn't it funny how people think they are the only ones who get it right according to the Bible? That they the only ones whose sins are forgiven?

God wants us all to have a good life. God has forgiven all of our sins. God has created a walk for us all. God wants everyone to be loved. God is in the middle, involved, and in the midst of every aspect of all of our lives.

Isn't it funny how people forget that?


* Black History Quote*

"Coming together never tore the black culture and black families apart; it was division, selfishness, envy, judgment and jealousy." - Alston Shropshire

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