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A Kiss from Rose | Inheritance

Benefactors who think enough of you to leave you something is a fantastic feeling. How exceptional you are for them to think enough of you after they have left this world.

So, being tricked out of something does not make you feel good, especially if it is an inheritance or blessing.

Well, only some will desire you to have your inheritance or blessing. Some will plot how to trick you out of your inheritance or steal it outright. When we go to the Bible and look at the story of Esau and Jacob and the stealing of the birthright, it ultimately worked out for Jacob's good. Nevertheless, this doesn't mean Jacob didn't go through a lot to get the blessing in the end. I am sure Jacob's emotional rollercoaster was nothing short of what anyone of us would feel.

We all want what is due to us, our inheritance or blessing, especially from our benefactor, God.

What are you expecting your benefactor to give you? What has He already left you that you do not want to be tricked out of or stolen? Is it peace, joy, salvation, favor, and healing?

Let's ensure we are not stealing or tricking people from the things God has blessed and left for them.


" I am cashing in on my prosperity inheritance." Alston Shropshire



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