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A Kiss from Rose | I Do

I do! These two words seem simple and short enough, yet it holds so much weight. Most people think of "I do" in weddings, and yes, saying "I do" has an extreme weight. The words "I do" can carry the weight of accountability and responsibility. When you say "I do," you agree to accept the unexpected. "I do" is a declaration of consent. When you say, "I do," you say I agree to be one. "I do" is an important statement to make.

Often people want to say the words "I do" but do not want the responsibilities that come along.

It is hard to forsake all others for your chosen partner, but you must.

It is hard to go through the rough side of sickness with a person, but you must.

It is hard to submit to your partner when you have been doing it all these years alone, yet you must.

Putting your spouse first is a must.

Compromising is a must.

Sharing responsibilities is a must.

Communication is a must.

Respect is a must.

Not giving up is a must.

Being fair is a must.

Love is a must.

Trusting is a must

Putting in the work is a must.

Understanding and comprehension are a must.

Listening is a must.

Compassion, empathy, and showing kindness are all a must.

The word "I do" includes all of these things, this short and straightforward word.

"I do" is not only for marriages. You can consent to many things in life. What about your "I do" to God? When will you say "I do" to Him?

Lord, I do! I say yes to Your way and yes to Your will.

Lord, I do! I say yes and accept You as my personal Savior.

Lord, I do!


"I do!" - Alston Shropshire



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