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A Kiss from Rose | Hold Out Your Hands

Today, I am holding out my hands to receive the blessings of the Lord. I am holding my hands out with great expectations that the Lord will do exceedingly and abundantly in my life. I have a solid faith foundation in the word of God. When God examines my heart and intentions, I know they are good. Therefore, His blessings will be upon me! No good thing will God withhold from me. I am prepared for the favored will of God; that's why I hold out my hand and have an open heart; to welcome Him.

When I extend my hands to my Almighty Father, I am welcoming Him in.

Father, as You examine the favored seeds I have sown, I know You will multiply my harvest according to Your will, favorably. In Jesus's mighty name, do it, Lord. As I stand in Your presence with my hand out to the heavens, do it, Lord. Amen.


" When God moves, nothing can stop it." - Alston Shropshire


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