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A Kiss from Rose| Hold My Hand

Hold my hand Lord, as I tread the waters in the valley. Hold my hand Lord, as I stand tall on the mountain top. As I celebrate the joys in my life, hold my hand. As I send praises to You, Lord, hold my hand. When I bow my head to pray, Lord, hold my hand. As I walk through the storms of life, Lord, please do not let go of my hand. LORD, as I travel, the highways and byways continue to hold my hand. When the stressors of life seem to take control, hold my hand. Lord, when things do not seem right in the world, please continue to hold my hand. Lord, when the enemy is plotting and planning, let their spirit know You hold my hand. When my bank account does not reflect what I need, as You hold my hand, stretch it across my account and make it more than enough. On my weary days, Lord, hold tight to my hand. When the devil shows his face, show him You are holding my hand. No matter what it is, Lord, hold my hand. I know I am safe when You are holding my hand. When people let my hand go, please continue to hold my hand up high as we declare victory. In Jesus' name, amen.


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Elizabeth (Lisette) Denison Forth

Denison was born into slavery in the 1780s in Detroit — but in 1807, she was able to cross into Canada to freedom along with her parents and siblings. She later came back to Detroit around 1812. Soon after, she became the first Black property owner in Oakland County, purchasing 48 acres of land in what is now known as Pontiac. She used the money from her estate to develop St. James Episcopal Church on Grosse Isle, which she created so that people from all walks of life could worship together, which remains true to this day. You can find Denison’s historical marker on land that she formerly owned, now known as Oak Hill Cemetery. Not surprisingly, made it into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame.

Picture Source: Michigan Women Forward

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