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A Kiss from Rose | Help to Help

Stop picking and choosing who you pray for and who you help.

Especially if you are in a position to help.

You do not know if you are the one being tested by God.

Say God sent someone in need to you, and you turn them away. Would you feel bad for turning them away?

How about if it was revealed that God was testing you?

Let's say Harriette Tubman turned away from the remaining enslaved people and kept going after she was free; how many people would not be here today? How many families would it have affected today?

How about Dr. Martin Luther King jr, Coretta Scott King, and Rosa Parks? Consider Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, Warren Buffet, George Kaiser, Ray, and Barbara Dalio.

All of these people could have walked away and minded their business. They could not have extended their hand toward the cause. Then where would we be?

Help if you are in a position to help. You never know if your helping someone will unlock a blessing for you later down the road.


"We love when we are the receivers of good help, let someone else experience that also.



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