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A Kiss from Rose |Hallelujah

Hallelujah belongs to God! He is most deserving of the highest praise for all of the things He has done for you and for who He is!

Take a moment to think about everything God has done for you. Think about everything God has brought you through. When your parent(s) passed away, how He kept you? What about when you were laid in the hospital bed, and no one could help you but God? Hallelujah belongs to God because I comforted you while you were in the valley. Hallelujah belongs to God because He brought you out of the valley. God deserves the highest praise because He kept you in your right mind. He kept every promise He ever made to you. God is your good Shepherd. He is your Lily in the Valley. He is your healer and deliverer. God is your provider. He is your benefactor. God is your banner. God is your dwelling place. Hallelujah belongs to God. He covers your children, family, and home. Hallelujah! How many times have you called on Him for your marriage and friendships? What about your job? Yes, hallelujah belongs to God. You praised him in advance when someone thought there was no way out.

Hallelujah, when you have the favor and blessings of God. Hallelujah, when you have the grace and mercy of God.

There should not be one person not saying hallelujah right now! You got the house, hallelujah! You got the car, hallelujah! You got the good report, hallelujah! You got approved, hallelujah! You got in the door, hallelujah! You got the opportunity, hallelujah! You got the baby, hallelujah! You got the husband, hallelujah! You got the wife, hallelujah!

You got the debt canceled, hallelujah! You got another chance, hallelujah! You are alive, hallelujah!

My hallelujah belongs to God!

Let me give you a praise report so that you can say hallelujah.

My heart was functioning at 45% last year, up from 15% in 2018. I went to the doctor on February 14, 2023, and discovered my heart is operating at 25%. Shocked, I was, but I could not accept that. I know God has a purpose for my life, and I am not done yet; I came home and rubbed my grandmother's (Rosa Frasier, who passed away 18 years ago)oil over my heart and body. I prayed over myself. I talked to my regular doctor, and he said you did it before; let's do it again. Keep praying as you did in your book (yes, my doctor has my book and believes in prayer).

So, my hallelujah belongs to God; why? Because I didn't have to wake up on that day or this one. Every day my feet hits the ground, it's hallelujah. My doctor's appointment was on February 14, 2022; my birthday was on February 19, 2023. It could have been different; my mother could have been burying her oldest daughter. But God kept me, yet again! Hallelujah.

Life is short, people; give God all the hallelujahs you can cause He has done great things in your life; look around.


"People who love God do not mind listening to the testimonies of others. It does not bring your spirit down; it lifts it. It reminds you that God still sits on the throne. He is in the neighborhood. He is still performing miracles." So, do not turn a testimony away, just shout hallelujah."



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