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A Kiss from Rose | God Still Instilled A Gift

Repeat after me...God instilled a gift inside of every corner of my being. He has sown a gift inside of every cell. God has instilled a gift inside of every fiber of my body. God has instilled a gift inside of my mind. My chromosomes are gifted. My DNA is gifted. My character is gifted. God gifts my heart and intentions.

It does not matter whether you think I am gifted. God created me. He made me while instilling customized gifts just for me.

In man's eyes, I may not be the perfect mother. God customized the gifts my children would need.

In the eyes of man, I may not be the perfect wife. God customized my gifts for the husband who finds me.

With all of my imperfections, I still know He instilled a gift inside of me.

When you downplay the gifts of others, you are making a mockery of God, the creator. Who would be so bold to do such a thing?

Everything God touches is good.

Everything God instills is a perfect gift.

Everything God looks at, covers, and anoint is powerful.


" Thank God for instilling every single gift inside of me."- Alston Shropshire




Lord help me to utilize my gifts for your Glory!!!

返信先 too❤


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