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A Kiss from Rose| God Placed Me in This Position

In the position that you are sitting in, God placed you there. Please do not be angry, upset, nor make a mockery of it. Be grateful. Be grateful for every celebration. Be grateful through every storm. Be grateful for every high and grateful for every low. Why you may ask, well, it is simple, God is still with you. I know God ordered your steps in the direction He wants you to be in so you can give Him the glory. If you stay in the same position, God still placed you there. He is keeping you there for a reason. Your only desire should be to follow and please Him. Some people may not understand your placement, assignment, or position. Some may look their nose down on you. They may attempt to belittle you. You may have some that distance themselves from you. Some may even laugh at you.

In these cases, stay focused and keep your eyes on God. Their eyes are on you and not God, so they are already losing focus and being distracted. Help redirect them to God and His purpose for their life. Instead of making a mockery, they should watch in amazement; the working of God on your life. In the end, there is always a victory story. Often people forget when they were in your position or that they could be in your position. But God has a funny way of reminding them. So, continue to stand in the position that God has you in with grace, dignity, strength, and strong faith. God's position is always the best.

When God has you in celebration mode, it is to give Him the glory. When He has you in a storm, it is to see if you have faith in Him that it will pass. When God has you facing a mountain, He wants to know if you trust Him to move it.

"In every position I am in, I will be victorious, and I will glorify God.

Every season, I will accept my God-given favored position with dignity, grace, strength, and strong faith."

" If I am a placemat on a table, GOD placed me there, and I am grateful He placed me amid something beautiful to give Him glory."- Alston Shropshire

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I’m grateful, mighty grateful. Thank you Lord for always taking care of me.




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