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A Kiss from Rose | God Knew

Good morning on this fine day! It is a blessing to be alive! Smile. Pick your head up. Stop worrying. Have an attitude of gratitude!

We all know life can throw you a few curve balls.

Whether it's fair or not, well, each person has their opinion.

Be thankful you could catch the balls. Now, play the heck out of them!

God knew what was coming your way. God knew you could handle it, and you would be the victor.

God knew the weapons would form. God also knew the weapons would not prosper.

God knew you would be betrayed, and your name would be slandered, just like He knew Jesus would be betrayed. That is alright. God still has you covered. He will vindicate you.

God knew you would have hardships, but He also knew you would have a plentiful harvest.

God knew you would get sick. God also knew you would not die.

God knew "man" would leave you, but God also knew He would continue to be with you.

God knew you would have some hard and weary days. God also knew joy would come in the morning.

God knew you would be overlooked but that He would elevate you.

God knew long before you were born who you would be and the calling on your life.

God knew long before you were born the path and purpose He had for you.

God knew He would deliver His Son by the name of Jesus Christ for you and all of your sins.

Before your mother and father knew anything about you, God knew Jesus would be your Healer, Benefactor, Deliverer, Provider, and Protector. God knew Jesus would be your Comforter. God knew Jesus would be your Shield, Banner, and Redeemer.

So, do not worry about what you do not know. God knows the answer. He knew then, and He knows now!

It's already worked out!


"God already worked it out." - Alston Shropshire

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