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A Kiss from Rose | God Is Whispering In My Ear

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

God is whispering in my ear; I love you!

He is saying to me; I have your back! God says no harm will come your way, and the mountain is moving out of the way!

My God is whispering in my ear the abundance of favor He bestows upon me. His whispers reassurance of the divine protection I have covering me. He confirms my birthright, authority, and dominion power with His whispers. God whispers long life for me, in my ear. He whispers who my traveling companions are in my ear, The Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and His mighty angels. He whispers, "increase" over my finance. He whispers "order" in my home. He whispers "peace" in my marriage. He whispers "obedience" over my children. There is nothing like His whispers; it's a warm blanket of comfort.


"God whispers, favored things in my ear about my life." -Alston Shropshire



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