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A Kiss from Rose | God is Giving You Clarity

God is giving you clarity and correcting your vision. He is taking the blinders off what you do not want to see or acknowledge.

The tint on your rose-colored lens is crystal clear.

You have clarity with your business and business associates.

Clarity with family and friends. God is giving you clarity in your marriage and on your job.

You have an incredible ability to make clear and concise decisions that are not only favorable but blessed and God-covered.

God is giving you a clear and direct path to greatness and favor. You have a keen sense of which way to go and who to take on the route with you or if you should travel alone.

God is evident in this season of your life. His presence and voice are clear.

Your harvest is precise. Your birthright is clear and undeniable.

It is clear the enemy is defeated.



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