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A Kiss from Rose| Forgive Me

Lord, forgive me for not behaving in the manner of a child of God. Lord, forgive me for coming against those that belong to You. I ask that You allow them to forgive me for my actions, thoughts, and behaviors that were not of love. Lord, I have not always been right with my judgment of others, and I was wrong for judging in the first place. Please, forgive me. Forgive the sins that I have committed against others. Forgive the sinful atmosphere that I brought into any situation. Forgive others for the things they do to me. Forgive us all for not being obedient to Your word. Thank You for being a forgiving Father; continue to walk with me.


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Lola Falana, 1942-

The daughter of a Cuban immigrant father and an African-American mother, Falana left Germantown High shortly before graduation to move to New York City and find work as a dancer. There, she was discovered by Sammy Davis Jr., who featured her in his Broadway revue Golden Boy and then the film A Man Called Adam. She went to Italy to star in spaghetti Westerns and became known in Europe as “the Black Venus.” In 1968, Davis’s then-wife, May Britt, divorced him after he confessed to an affair with Falana; in 1969, Falana broke off their relationship, saying she didn’t want to always be known as “the little dancer with Sammy Davis Jr.” She went on to pose for Playboy, modeled for the Fabergé cosmetics line, made “blaxploitation” films, and appeared frequently on TV, including on Bill Cosby’s variety show (they’d met while he was in college and she was a young teen dancing in Philly nightclubs), The Joey Bishop Show, The Tonight Show and Laugh-In. In the 1970s she became known as the Queen of Las Vegas, singing and dancing (her signature song was, of course, “Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets”) at casinos and earning $100,000 a week. In 1987 she experienced a return of symptoms of multiple sclerosis and became partially paralyzed and blind; after a year and a half of mostly praying, she said, her symptoms subsided, and she returned to performing in Vegas. She converted to Roman Catholicism and founded the Lambs of God Ministry.



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