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A Kiss from Rose| February 18th

God favors me! What a great declaration to make every day! Let's speak a favored language today. If you don't speak favor, love, light, power, authority, anointing, positivity, love, and the blood over your life, who will? With so much going on in the world. We must activate the favored promised God has over our lives. Remember, there is power in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Here is my favored language for myself. What is yours?

God, You said in your word that there are life and death in the power of the tongue. I am speaking a favored life over myself.

I am speaking victory over myself.

I am speaking greatness over my life.

I am speaking You in my life.

God, You are opening favored doors for me.

You favor everything I touch.

You are sending favored people my way to help me fulfill Your purpose.

When I glorify Your name, I activate an abundance of favor.

My protection is favored.

My finance is favored.

My family is favored.

My children are favored.

My grandchildren are favored.

My bloodline is favored.

My marriage is favored.

My praise is favored.

My testimony is favored.

My walk is favored.

My anointing, power, and authority are favored.

My victory is favored.

My thoughts are favored.

My execution is favored.

My going out and coming in is favored.

My presence is favored.

My friends are favored.

My business is favored.

My home is favored.

The blood that is covering me is favored.

Look at the many people God favored in the bible; why wouldn't He favor you!

  • Noah found favor with the Lord. (Genesis 6:8)

  • Joseph experienced favor because the Lord was with him. (Genesis 39:3-4)

  • The Children of Israel found favor with the Egyptians because the Lord gave it to them. (Exodus 11:3)

  • Moses found favor in the sight of God. (Exodus 33:17)

  • Ruth found favor with Boaz because of God's goodness. (Ruth 2:2, 10, 13)

  • Samuel found favor with the Lord and with people. (1 Samuel 2:26)

  • Esther found favor and kindness with her king. (Esther 2:17)

  • Daniel found favor and compassion from the officials. (Daniel 1:9)

  • Mary, the mother of Jesus, found favor with the Lord. (Luke 1:25, 30)

  • Jesus found favor with God and with people. (Luke 2:52)

  • The early church found favor with people and had the blessing of the Lord on them. (Acts 2:47)

  • David found favor with the Lord. (Acts 7:46)



Proverbs 18:21

21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

Black History/ Facts

Inoculation was Introduced to America by a Slave

Few details are known about the birth of Onesimus, but it is assumed he was born in Africa in the late seventeenth century before eventually landing in Boston. One of a thousand people of African descent living in the Massachusetts colony, Onesimus was a gift to the Puritan church minister Cotton Mather from his congregation in 1706.

Onesimus told Mather about the centuries old tradition of inoculation practiced in Africa. By extracting the material from an infected person and scratching it into the skin of an uninfected person, you could deliberately introduce smallpox to the healthy individual making them immune. Considered extremely dangerous at the time, Cotton Mather convinced Dr. Zabdiel Boylston to experiment with the procedure when a smallpox epidemic hit Boston in 1721 and over 240 people were inoculated. Opposed politically, religiously and medically in the United States and abroad, public reaction to the experiment put Mather and Boylston’s lives in danger despite records indicating that only 2% of patients requesting inoculation died compared to the 15% of people not inoculated who contracted smallpox.

Onesimus’ traditional African practice was used to inoculate American soldiers during the Revolutionary War and introduced the concept of inoculation to the United States.


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