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A Kiss from Rose | Extra Dose

Father, we come to the throne of grace to stand in the gap for the single women praying for the husband you have for them; that he finds his way to them. Father, you have seen the tears and heard their plea to have a husband and children. Honor her prayers.

When you created man from their rib, the woman was designed to be the man's help mate and to complete the man. Honor her desire to be his help mate. You knew man would not be happy alone. Allow her to make him happy.

Bless her with a husband who respects, loves, protects, provides, and is emotionally and mentally capable of being all of the things customized to her needs. Father, bless her with a husband who is compassionate and empathetic to her. Father, one who is mentally, emotionally, and financially available for her.

Father, bless her with a husband whose intentions are pure for her and their family's well-being. Father, we ask that her husband is ready and able to cleave to his wife; that he is prepared to be a husband. Father, bless her with a husband that is not toxic and is free of mental, physical, and emotional abuse. Father, gift her with someone who only belongs to her.

Father directs his path directly to her; immediately . Allow both of them to undoubtedly know You sent him to her to be her husband. In Jesus' name, amen.


"I do."- Alston Shropshire

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