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A Kiss from Rose | Excuses

Everyone has made an excuse for something in their life at some point. We all feel our excuses are either not excuses or they are justifiable.

Some people make excuses for why they can or cannot do things or be at a particular place at a specific time. Some are for being late or why they are extremely early.

Well, think about this. Let’s say God has an excuse for why He cannot do something for us or why we should not ask Him for anything. How about if, for everything we need or want, God only had an excuse?

Say He never made anything happen for us?

When we need a blessing, He has an excuse.

When we need healing, He has an excuse.

When we need saving, He has an excuse.

Say when the enemy is in attack mode, and God has an excuse for why and allows the enemy to attack you continuously. Never coming to your side, how would you feel about excuses then?

How about if God has an excuse for not providing for you?

Say God has an excuse for you being excluded from all His favored promises?

Thank God He does not come up with excuses, but He comes through standing on what He said He will and can do.

Thank God, He is an “it is so God and air is done, God.”

Thank God He is an “ I am here God, and I will never leave God.”

Thank God He is an “ I am providing and protecting God.”

You never have to wonder if God will have an excuse today because He is not an excuse-maker. He is a make-it-happen!

Instead of making excuses, make it happen.


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