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A Kiss from Rose| Everyone Wants to Be a Leader, Yet No One Wants to Follow

Everyone wants to be the top dog or the leader. Everyone wants to say I am in charge or the best. I get it; it means you have worked your way to the top, in most cases. Nevertheless, it does not mean you know how to lead. Some people want a title so bad they will do anything to get the job. They will knowingly cutthroat others, set them up, and do unethical practices to stay there. They don't necessarily know how to speak to others or listen. They may not even know how to do their job. You must understand every facet of each component to understand how to lead successfully. To lead, you must know how to follow.

In most cases, you may have to get back in the trenches with others to help so the goal can stay on target. Sometimes you must walk with the people. Walking with the people allows you to understand their needs, how things are workings, and what is not working. If you only understand the top level of things, then you are missing two things holding you up: the middle and ground level. You need these two things to stay at the top.

If you can't listen- you can't lead effectively.

If you can't communicate- you can't lead effectively.

If you don't have morals and good ethics- your stay in leadership will not last long ( we all know the saying, everyone will have their day).

Let's look at Jesus and how great He is as a leader.

He listens to everyone's needs. He communicates with everyone.

He walks in an exemplary manner, morally and ethically. Even as the "Messiah," He walked with the people. Even as the "King of Kings," He never made anyone feel beneath Him. Crucified on the cross, yet He still forgave others.

Who are your examples as a leader? Are you leading for a title or leading because you know what it is like to follow? Is your heart for the people or yourself? When you lay down at night, did you set an excellent example for those coming behind you?

Leading is not just on the job where you work. It is in all roles, a mother, father, grandparent, sibling, relative, neighbor, spouse, etc.


" I would rather take my time doing it the right way than rushing and creating a disaster for everyone." - Alston Shropshire

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Unknown member
Aug 24, 2021

Amen to the message….. Knowing how to effectively lead and follow.


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