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A Kiss from Rose | End-of-the-Year Reflection

As we stand at the threshold of a New Year, let's delve into self-reflection and commit to a cleaner, more authentic version of ourselves.

Have we fully acknowledged those who allowed us to grow, or have we inadvertently silenced others in our interactions?

Reflect on whether we've been of genuine use to those around us or if, in all actuality, our motives have been less than noble. Have we been useless to others without caring that we are?

After all, being of little use to others not only reflects on them but also speaks to the depths of our character. Most people want to be useful or want to offer something to the people around them.

Ponder whether we've genuinely shown love to those in our lives and if we truly understand its essence.

May this introspection guide us towards a more compassionate and understanding path in the coming year.

Before you have all of these demands on God about the things you want, how He needs to bring it to fruition, start looking in the mirror and take accountability on the things you need to work on and ask God to help you be a better person. Being a better person to yourself and others will help you better enjoy the favor and blessings God has ready for you.

Wishing you a meaningful reflection and an excellent start to the new year.

—Love Grandma



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