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A Kiss from Rose | Don't Focus on my Title, Focus on my Anointing

Where is your focus, darling? Are you focused on my title as the church's first lady, my degrees, company titleholder, marital status, church/organization affiliation, or social status? Do you feel that I am a nobody if I no longer hold a particular title or class? You may want to check or focus on my anointing. You see, that is God-given. The Almighty, Himself, fuels it. He thought enough of me to gift me with something powerful and everlasting. Man can't take away my anointing, but a title not given by God possibly. You see, I can get a divorce, lose my job at a company, go to another church (or get kicked out of one), get kicked out of an organization by a person that breathes the same air as I. I may not even be bestowed a title, depending on the politics of the game. More importantly, God does not remove an anointing (Romans 11:29), yet only He can transfer (1 Samuel16:13-14). No man/woman can take it; no divorce decree can break it. If you focus on my anointing, you will realize that I can lay hands on you and pray you out of the mess you are dealing with. I can stand in the gap for you. I can pray curses off of your bloodline. My anointing walks in love. My anointing walks in healing. My anointing breaks chains. My anointing defeats principalities and demons. The anointing means that God chose me, and I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.

So, please don't focus on a title I may or may not have; how well my business is doing, or if I hold a title in church, focus on my anointing. Focusing on the wrong thing has always been the downfall of most.


"He is my lily in the valley. Focus on my anointing; trust me, I have one."- Alston Shropshire

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