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A Kiss from Rose | Did You Know?

Finding creative ways to get some Bible gems can be tricky, but here are a few nuggets from the Bible. Did you know? Do you remember these stories? Hopefully, these will make you look deeper, want to hear the whole story, or converse with others.

Jephthah had been rejected by people but accepted in heaven. He thought he was worthless. No one is so "worthless" that God cannot use him or her.

Isaiah and Peter, at first, felt unworthy, inadequate to the sudden revelation of awe-inspiring power at work in the world.

In Genesis, Abraham offers his wife to Abimelech to escape trouble.

Christ was put to humiliated for doing miracles, such as casting demons out of men. Christ was rejected by his people in favor of Barabbas, a criminal. He was spat on, beaten, and taunted by the Roman soldiers. The ultimate form of humiliation, He was crucified while being mocked.

Jonah disobeyed God.

Levi and Simeon angrily wipe out a city. Saul, in a rage, tries to kill David. Jonah is angry when God spares Nineveh. Moses, who many times seems righteously angry on behalf of God's holiness, disobeys God while frustrated by Israel's people.

Thrown from a window due to her evil ways, Queen Jezebel is one of the villains of the Bible, one of few females.

Elijah- one of the mightiest prophets in all history- was ready to throw in the towel barely a day after seeing God do the impossible.

Attending Bible study at your church, or a local church in your area can help clarify these and other Bible stories.




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