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A Kiss from Rose| December 29th

It is great to see pictures like this, a romantic setting. The time, creativity, cost, effort, and thought being put into it. All so that it can come out perfect for the one you love. Yes, it is great to do things for that special someone. Here's the question, how often are you doing something for yourself? Something special to show "you" how much you love "you?" How many times have you set up something like this and just laid there, listening to music, and eating a fabulous meal prepared by you or catered? How many times in the past 5 years? No friends, no special loved one, something just for you to enjoy? Some high end alone time? A precious time where you can have vibrant memories of fun times and makes you burst out into laughter. Fond memories of your first crush or your first time being pushed in a wagon? How about your first dance? Just you, some music and great memories? No thinking in the slightest about bills, problems (yours or other people's), work, or illness. Just like the person you are doing this for deserves a form of expression of your love, so do you. Yeah, you may be waiting on someone to do it just the way you imagine it, and unfortunately, it may not have happened yet. If that is the case, do it yourself! You do everything else, so you say! Take the time out to love on yourself, to dote and adore "YOU." I understand you are special and everyone should see how special you are, but sometimes you have to show them and yourself how you feel about yourself! Take a weekend out for yourself, even if it is at home. Clean up, get some candles, dress up, get a dope playlist, and vibe with yourself and some great lighting. Dinner for one! Pull out your best outfit! Cook whatever is your favorite thing that you can cook (or uber eats). Heck, get yourself a gift if you can, something you have been wanting. It may be something as simple as a cheesecake or expensive a high ticketed purse or watch. Relax and enjoy yourself! If you can, do a staycation or a vacation, but do something. Life is too short to wait for others to do it for you. Fall in love with YOU. Express to YOU how YOU feel about YOU!



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