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A Kiss from Rose | Cousin Relationships

Cousins often hold a unique place in our lives, blending the familial bond with the joys of friendship. The relationship with cousins can be profoundly important, providing a sense of extended family support and camaraderie. This friendship is special because it carries the strength of shared heritage and childhood memories, creating a connection that is both familial and friendly. With cousins, there’s often a shared understanding and background that can make these relationships feel particularly comforting and resilient.

How often are you in contact with your cousins? How about send a text to your cousin or cousins today? Send this message out as well so they too can reach out to a cousin that came across their mind.

Here are 10 people who are cousins in the Bible, along with the chapters where their relationships are mentioned:

1. Jacob and Laban: Genesis 29:10-14

2. Lot and Abraham: Genesis 11:27, Genesis 12:5

3. Jesus and John the Baptist: Luke 1:36

4. Eliphaz and Jacob: Genesis 36:10-11

5. Miriam and Korah: Exodus 6:18-20, Numbers 26:58-59

6. Boaz and Elimelech: Ruth 2:1

7. Ahaziah and Joash: 2 Kings 8:26, 2 Kings 11:2

8. Rehoboam and Jeroboam: 1 Kings 12:25-33, 1 Kings 11:26-40

9. Esau and Jacob: Genesis 25:19-34

10. Amram and Jochebed: Exodus 6:18-20

These biblical examples highlight the significance of cousin relationships, emphasizing their role in both personal and communal narratives. Maybe you learned a new name or two. A creative way to get a Bible lesson in, talking about cousins!


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