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A Kiss from Rose | Consideration


According to the Oxford language dictionary, the definition of the word consideration is below.




  1. 1.

  2. careful thought, typically over a period of time.

  3. "a long process involving a great deal of careful consideration"

How often do you want to be considered? How often do you want your feelings to be considered?

How often do you want to be valued or appreciated? In most cases, we all want to be considered for something.

We may want to be considered for a job. We may wish for our point of view to be considered.

It seems fair enough when we are speaking of ourselves. How about others? Do we have the same mindfulness when considering others, their feelings, or their point of view? Are we carefully thinking about others, their feelings and opinions?

How often are you considering your spouse or their feelings? Have you considered appreciating them more lately? The bare minimum is almost like nothing at all.

How much consideration have you given your children and their spouse? Did you want to be considered when you had the same title? Are you being manipulative or messy?

Have you considered your grandchildren? What about their point of view? Grandchildren matters! They have feelings and an opinion. They will not be young for long.

Have you considered your parents? Considering parents is a complicated conversation for some based on childhood trauma; however, the word says to honor thy mother and father. When you consider them, it is also a way of honoring them.

Have your considered your employer? Maybe they considered you for the position. However, the reports may have shown you are not a good fit. Perhaps it was your tardiness or your combative behavior.

God blesses us whether we deserve it or not. God covers us whether we deserve it or not. God forgives us and our sins whether we deserve it or not. God heals, walks with us, and protects us, whether we deserve it or not.

God knew you would miss the mark. Yet He is holding your hand.

God knew when you would follow Him. Yet He never left your side. God is still waiting on some.

God knew your intentions were not right when you entered the room. Yet, He still was with you.

God knew you only prayed when you wanted something. Nevertheless, He still answered.

God loves us unconditionally. God considered us when He gave His Son to die for us on Calvary. That was the ultimate consideration.


"To much is given much is required.

Luke 12:48


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