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A Kiss from Rose| Celebrate Yourself and Give God the Glory

It is time that you celebrate yourself, and it is always time to give God the glory. There should never be a time that you are not giving God the glory. Nothing is all because of your doing. Most of us know that " hallelujah" is the highest praise. So, we must "hallelujah" for the good days, and we must "hallelujah" for the bad days. We must " hallelujah" for the days behind us, and we must "hallelujah" for the days ahead of us. What most of us do not know is that it is ok to celebrate yourself. We jump and scream for everyone else but ourselves. We go to celebration dinners, parties, vacations for everyone but do not take the time to do so ourselves. We make time for our spouse, partner, friends, family, children, co-workers, associates, the organizations we belong to, our church, everyone but us. We often feel bad if we desire to or if someone mentions us doing so. We dismiss others for wanting to celebrate us but love celebrating them. Well, you deserve a personal celebration. You deserve to take time out from others and celebrate yourself.

When you celebrate yourself and begin to give God the glory for it all, God is pleased. You are thanking Him for blessing you in your position. You are thanking and praising Him for the season that He has brought you. You are saying to God that I want to enjoy the things you have blessed me with, even if it is just peace of mind and a breath of fresh air. It may be His presence in your life. You can be celebrating the fact that you are still alive, and it is all because of God's grace and mercy. This acknowledgment is more than worthy of a celebration and giving God the glory.

Celebrate yourself because you deserve it.

Celebrate yourself because you need it.

Celebrate yourself to show yourself that you appreciate "you."

Celebrate yourself because others may disappoint you when they do not celebrate "you."

Celebrate yourself because someone else may not.

Give God the glory because He is able.

Give God the glory because He has carried you through.

Give God the glory because He has brought you out.

Give God the glory because He has covered you.

Give God the glory because of His presence.

Give God the glory because of His dedication to your life

Give God the glory because of His divine protection.

Give God the glory because of His favor, grace, and mercy.

Give God the glory for dying for your sins (the old one, the present one, and the ones that may come).

Give God the glory for His Son Jesus Christ.


"In this season, as I celebrate myself, I am giving God the glory even more than I did before."- Alston Shropshire


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