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A Kiss from Rose| Call A Thing A Thing

What you think you are doing may be different from what you are or need to be doing. What you intend to project may not be interpreted that way. In your mind (emphasis on Your), you are the best thing smokin'. In your mind, you are lit (as the young folks say). I promise you I am going somewhere. What you assume you are conveying.

You may think you are the best Christian in the world. You go to bible study, a faithful churchgoer, and can quote the bible frontwards and backward. You are spot-on in speaking in tongues. You may be the top tither in your church.

(Thing) You don't check on anyone outside of your family. You don't give back to your community. You don't give to your family. You don't notice/ address the chaos in your family. You are unwilling to forgive. The love language you have in church does not go outside of the church doors (sometimes you are not that loving in the church doors).

You may think you are the best asset to your company. You show up on time for work. You clock in at the designated times. You have been with the same company for 25 years.

(Thing) You bring down the morale of the company. You are not helpful to your co-worker (not a team player). You don't participate in any company's activities. Deep down inside, you dislike the company.

You may think you are the best parent in the world. Your child was given everything money could buy. You never said no. You loved/ worshiped the ground your child walked on. You are their best friend.

(Thing)You do not entirely love the child necessarily; you may still be in love with the other parent you are no longer with, and the child reminds you of them (hence your over admiration/ or you may dislike the child for the same reason). You did not instill respect, morals, principles, and standards. Something money can not buy. Your priority is to be a parent to give them the tools they need to survive in this life. You don't know how long you have on earth. Can they make it without you with what you have instilled in them?

You think you are a good person to everyone ( you are perfect). You think are always available to everyone. You talk to everyone.

(Thing) You are not always available for your family. You do not listen to others very well. You are flawed like everyone else. Your spouse is neglected. Someone close to you does not even know who you really are.

I know I have stepped on my own toes in a few areas. Did I get anyone's pinky toe?


" If we examine ourselves we all will be in a better place." - Alston Shropshire

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