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A Kiss from Rose | Breakthrough and Fast/ This is the One Right Here Prayer

Father, in Your presence, I lay my petitions at Your feet. Father, in Your presence, I pray You honor my tears. I ask that You examine my heart and soul.

Father, I give You my struggles. I give You my fears. Father, I give You the weight I'm carrying. I give You the things I do and do not understand. I give You my doubts and worries. Father, I give You my brokenness. I give You my lack. I give You my debts.

I give You my issues. Father, I give You my frustrations and confusion. Father, I give You my marriage, children, parents, friends, and family. I give You my church, job, and organizations. Father, I give You my health, sickness, mind, body, and soul.

I give You all withheld forgiveness. I give You my anger. I give You, Father, control. I give You my cracked foundation and traumas.

Father, I give You my past, present, and future. I give You my success and my failures. I give You open and closed doors. I give You every opportunity coming my way. I give You fair and unfair treatment. Father, I give You my interactions with others. I give You my attitude and my reactions.

I give You my secrets, my lies, and my truths. Father, I give You my hurt, heartaches, and my pains. I give You my storms. Father, I give You my trials and tribulations. I give You my enemies and those who attack me. I give You the back bitters and backstabbers. Father, I give You the heartbreakers. I give You the Jonadabs, Lucifers, and Judas Iscariots in my life. Father, I give You my modern-day Roman soldiers and cruel people.

Father, I give You my life.

Take over and make it better. I can not do it without You. Father, I'm tired, and I'm weary. Father, I give the little fight I have left to You. Fight for me. Father, fight all of my battles.

I give everything to You because before it can get to me, it must come through You. I know and believe that everything that passes through You is for my good.

As I praise Your Holy name, do it for me.

In Jesus' name, amen.


"When you get in your prayer closet, things begin to happen. I am in my prayer closet." - Alston Shropshire

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