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A Kiss from Rose| Breakthrough and Fast/ Prayer Break

Father, thank You for Your watchful eye and mercy this morning.

Father, purify us, the people in our life, and those headed into our life. Ground us in Your word. Father, allow us to follow Your Spirit without being distracted.

Allow us all to be fair. Father, grant us the understanding and ability to treat those we encounter with empathy, love, compassion, and kindness.

Father, allow the spouses to appreciate, adore, and love their mate. Allow them to respect, comprehend, value, and fulfill their vows.

Father, be the entry guard of the treatment we receive from others, only allowing good and genuinely favored things to flow through.

Guard our hearts against being broken and holding forgiveness. Father, continue to be the overseer of our life and the author of our destinations.

Father, cast out the assignment over our life of being misused, undervalued, and ill intentions.

Father, we give You the glory for all things.

In Jesus’ name, amen


“ We all must stay in prayer.” - Alston Shropshire



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